Where there is KNDOL there is light.

We’re a creative studio that handcrafts personalized candles and favours using only high quality ingredients, in Montreal, QC.

We’re inspired by a desire to create candles that exude distinctive energies —unique to each individual. From the handcrafted creations to the warm candlelight and aromas, our candles provide an experience that appeal to all senses.


Our products are all handmade in Canada and use only highest quality ingredients.

From the soy wax to the fragrances and essential oils, everything we use is vegan and cruelty free. We do our best to have a minimal impact on the environment. Our clean candles are free of toxins and toxic chemicals such as petroleum, paraffin and parabens. The burning experience won’t be harmful to your health or your loved ones.





KNDOL SUR MESURE has to heart the good use of reusable materials. All our jars can be cleaned after the full use by simply using a knife or a stick to scratch and pull the wax off the jar. You can reuse the glass for any needs or plant your herbs.



WOOD: We use high-quality all natural, double-ply wicks for a cleaner burn and optimal crackling effect.

COTTON: We use lead-free cotton wick, primed with vegetable-based wax. Our wicks are free of chemicals and no added dyes.


To fragrance our candles, we use a blend of the purest essential oils and phthalate-free perfume oils.  We carry a selection of original scent and continuously work to create themed scents available seasonally.

Our blends are:

100% undiluted
Phthalate free
Premium quality uncut oils

Sourced from reputable suppliers from Canada, Europe, USA and Australia.

Vegan & animal cruelty free


Magazine Mention!

We have been recently featured in Les Idées De ma Maison Magazine!